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Over the years, the kitchen has gained popularity as the central, most important room in any home. It enjoys, in most cases, round the clock patronage. Starting from a very early morning breakfast to a late-night snack. The kitchen is a loyal witness to any drama in life. Whether preparing an important meal for a client or family, surprising a loved one on a special occasion or making a special dinner for the grandchildren, the kitchen is always there.

So, when it comes to planning for a kitchen remodeling project, there are a lot of things to consider so that it will become a room where everybody will feel comfortable and welcome.

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Kitchen Countertops

Selecting your kitchen countertops is not hard, but it is full of more choices than ever before. You now have a range of new countertop materials and applications that have expanded choices in patterns, colors, and textures. Mixing and matching different countertop materials and elements has gained in popularity. For instance, you might pair one counter top material for the island and pick another to pair with the cabinetry that runs along the walls. Or, you could use stainless steel adjoining the cook top with a marble insert for a bake center and solid surface material around the perimeter. When looking at choices for your countertop, also give some thought to a completely different backsplash compared to a matching one.

When it comes to selecting the right kitchen countertop your personal taste and the function it is intended for will ultimately determine your choice. There are no hard and fast rules to apply to the countertop material you choose. However, the one factor that is important for you to consider when choosing is the maintenance required.

Before you make a final choice remember that some materials require more care than others. It does not matter how perfect a counter top material fits into your kitchen design if it requires more care and attention than you are able or willing to give it. For example, marble countertops are beautiful but they must be sealed periodically so that it does not absorb liquids. Even water can leave a mark, which could stain it. This is due to it being a soft, porous stone.

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Kitchen Cabinets

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At Lincorp / Borchert, we want your kitchen to be a perfect combination of good looks and effective functionality. Kitchen cabinets can make your life easier. If you have the right kitchen cabinets, then the next time you want to cook, it will be an easy, enjoyable experience.

There are kitchen cabinets available for all kinds of budgets. Kitchen cabinets can be made of metal or wood. Our professional design team can help you select the right cabinets for your remodeling project.

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Kitchen cabinet brands we carry are: CWP, Kabinart, New River and Bishop.