There are pros and cons to every type of countertop. Some shine because of their durability, some for their ease of repair, some for their price point, and some for their versatility. Below you’ll find our breakdown of the common countertop materials that are available for remodeling projects. You’ll learn what each countertop is composed of as well as the negatives and positives of each.


Granite is one of the most well known types of countertop used in remodels. It’s a natural stone known for its beautiful colors and patterns. Granite does require some upkeep, which should be kept in mind. It’s a porous stone that’s supposed to be sealed every year to keep debris from clogging the pores and staining the countertop. While granite is a hard material, it’s still possible for it to chip or crack if abused. If that happens, a perfect repair isn’t likely. Even though its popularity has decreased in recent years in favor of quartz, it’s still a perfectly viable option for your renovation.

High Quality
Natural Stone
Good Resale Value

Requires Upkeep
Difficult to Repair
Is Porous


Quartz is the gold standard for modern remodeling projects. It’s a man-made countertop composed of a mixture of ground up stone materials mixed with resins and dyes. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and its durability is unmatched. It’s a harder material than granite, so it’s less likely to break or chip. On top of that, it is completely non-porous, so there’s no need to worry about anything seeping into the pores and causing a permanent stain. Quartz requires zero upkeep so there will be no need to ever seal it. The main drawback for quartz is its price, although it’s usually not that much more expensive than granite. Another negative is that just like granite, it’s near impossible to repair back to its former state if it does crack or chip. However, it’s durable enough for cracks and chips not to be a big worry.

High Quality
Zero Upkeep
Great Resale Value

Difficult to Repair


Corian is very different than the other countertops on this list. It’s composed of a mixture of acrylic resin and natural minerals that are derived from the same ore that aluminum is taken from. Corian is much softer then the other materials on this list and has a similar feeling to a very soft and smooth plastic. Because of the softness of this material, it is far more prone to scratching, burning, and damage from harsh cleaners. However, there are some benefits to Corian. The softness makes it easy for repair if it scratches or chips, where the harder materials on this list might not be able to be repaired. It’s also possible to integrate a Corian sink into a Corian top so that there are no seams whatsoever.

Easy to Repair
Ability to Integrate a Sink Without a Seam
Doesn’t Get as Cold to the Touch as Other Tops

Scratches Easily
Burns Easily

Laminate (Formica)

Laminate is the least expensive countertop material on this list and probably the most widely used because of that. It’s not a high quality material, but it is functional, decently durable, and inexpensive. Laminate countertops have absolutely no stone in them. They are made from paper dipped in resins and then glued to particle board. It too is available in many, many colors and patterns. You’ll find laminate in most builder-grade homes, condos, and apartments.

Reasonably Durable
Stain Resistant

Not Very Heat Resistant
More Prone to Scratches than Stone Tops
Not Good for Resale

Butcher Block

Butcher Block is a favorite for chefs. It’s made from straight pieces of wood that has been glued together to form a seamless countertop. It’s convenient if you’re into cooking as it’s essentially a large cutting board. Plus, it’s beautiful to look at and can really make a kitchen stand out. Butcher Block countertops are resistant to heat, so putting a hot pot on them won’t cause damage, especially of the top has been sealed. Speaking of sealing, Butcher Block countertops must be sealed with mineral oil every month if you want it to maintain any type of of germ resistance. Otherwise, they will become magnets to potentially harmful germs and bacteria. These tops can also be sanded down once scratches or stains have been built up, which means that they will last a very long time if well maintained.

Like Having a Cutting Board for a Countertop
Heat Resistant

Prone to Become Unsanitary if not Sealed Often

Choosing the right type of countertop makes a big difference when remodeling. We hope that this post has helped you understand the differences between the various countertop materials so that you can choose the right type of countertop for your remodeling project.

Considering a countertop remodel of your own? We would be happy to help you!

Our Awards

It’s always an honor when our company receives awards for the work that we do. The awards mean a lot to us because we put a lot of hard work into trying to give our clients the best experience that we can.

We’ve received many awards throughout the years and would like to share some of our favorites below.

Best of Houzz

Every year gives its professional remodelers and builders the ability to win Best of Houzz Awards for design and for customer service. According to Houzz, only 3-4% of their professionals on any given year will win a best of Houzz Award. The Design awards are given out based on the popularity of the project photos that are uploaded to a pro’s account, while the Service awards are earned based on the quality of client reviews from the previous year. Over the years, we have received many best of Houzz awards for both design and service.

Best of Houzz Design:
2015, 2018, 2019, 2020, & 2021

Best of Houzz Service:
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, & 2021

We’re very proud of the Best of Houzz Awards that we’ve built up over the years. It’s a good metric for us to gauge how happy our clients are and whether people who use Houzz are into the kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodels that we’ve done.

HBA Remodeler of the Year

In 2018, the Home Builder’s Association of Southeast Michigan awarded us with their Remodeler of the Year award. We were thrilled that they chose us for the award and proudly display it in our showroom.

Big 50 Award 2016

In 2016, we were featured in Remodeling Magazine’s Big 50 issue where they showcase their top 50 remodelers in the country. This was a huge honor for us and we’re thankful that we were able to be featured alongside the other 49 wonderful remodelers.

Kitchen Remodel in Bloomfield Hills

Our clients came to us in need of a kitchen remodel in their Bloomfield Hills home. As part of the remodel, they also wanted us to renovate their half bathroom and laundry room as well as refinish their hardwood flooring.

We met with the clients for a series of design meetings to help them decide how they wanted their new kitchen, half bath, and laundry room to look. We helped them pick out materials, colors, and a layout that would give them the rooms of their dreams, while still keeping them within their budget. We carefully crafted plans and specifications that we would later use during the construction of their project.

We put down floor protection so that no damage occurred to hardwood flooring and then demoed the whole kitchen, half bath, and laundry room. We then had our electricians and plumbers run their wires and pipes through the walls and floors where needed.

We repaired the drywall where we had run the electrical and plumbing. We then installed the cabinetry, quartz countertops, and tile backsplash according to the plans and specs that we made during design. We also refinished the hardwood floors.

After all the construction was done, we presented the homeowners with their newly remodeled rooms. They loved them! It’s a night and day difference compared to what they used to look like. Everything now has a clean, modern look to and functions exactly as they needed it to.

If you have a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project of your own that you’d like to discuss, we would be happy to meet with you to show you how we can bring your dream project to life!

Considering a Kitchen Remodel?

When contemplating a kitchen remodeling, it can be hard to know where to start. There are many things to consider that will have an effect on the final outcome of your kitchen. Things like changing up the floorplan of your kitchen, choosing a countertop material, adding an island, removing a soffit, etc.. Even if you plan to keep your existing layout and just want to update the materials, there’s still a lot to consider.

We start out by meeting with you in our showroom. At this meeting, we discuss your ideas for your project and give you advice on how to accomplish your remodeling goals. We also explain what it will be like to work for us and to come up with a ballpark budget for your remodel. After this initial meeting, we move on to the design phase of our process.

The design phase is where our on-staff designer will come measure your space and set up a series of design meetings with you. She’ll work with you to give you professional advice on how to make your kitchen look and function best while still sticking within your budget. She’ll give you options and suggestions all the way though the design phase and will make detailed specifications and plans for the construction of your project. We work hard to help you make all your choices during our design phase so that once construction starts, it will run smoothly and won’t be delayed. After everything is finalized in the design phase, we move on to the construction phase of your remodel.

At the start of the construction phase, we order all materials discussed during design and schedule our crews for the construction of your project. We also give you access to an online calendar so that you know what will be going on every day of your project. Once the materials arrive, we begin construction. We stick with you on your project all the way to completion and then present you with you newly remodeled kitchen.

Are you interested in setting up a meeting to discuss your kitchen remodeling project? We’d be happy to meeting with you!

The Pets of Lincorp/Borchert

It’s always a treat when one of our renovation clients has a pet that we can get to know throughout the project. While our passion here is home remodeling projects, a close second would have to be meeting our new furry friends. Below are some photos of our client’s pets that we’ve gotten to know this year throughout their kitchen, bathroom, and basement projects.

The little cutie on the left lives at our client’s Shelby Township house where we remodeled their master bathroom. The smiling Labrador on the right hung around the Washington Township house while we were remodeling their kitchen. We didn’t mind at all!

The cat above belongs to the owner of Lincorp/Borchert. It’s name is Mr. Winks. It was around while we were remodeling their West Bloomfield condo earlier this year. The handsome fellow on the right lives with a repeat client of ours in Shelby Township. They remodeled one of their bathrooms with us this year.

The three dogs above also live in Shelby township where we remodeled their owner’s kitchen. The Golden Retriever is named Romeo and the two Dachshunds are Marlowe and Murray. They loved to say hi every time any of us came to the house. So friendly!

We’d love the chance to meet your four legged family member too! If you have a remodeling project in mind, we’d love to discuss it with you. Maybe your furry friend will end up being featured on our next Pets of Lincorp Borchert post. I’d say that the chances are pretty good!