Lincorp/Borchert Budget Guarantee

What if you could know that the price your home remodeling contractor gives you before you sign the construction agreement will be the price you pay unless YOU decide to makes changes during the project?

Here’s how we guarantee the price we quote is the price you’ll pay:

  • We use fixed price contracts for construction
  • Initially, we may discuss rough budgets and costs, but before you are asked to sign construction agreements, you will get a clear, detailed, written contract as to the price we guarantee, the deliverables, and what it will cost for that.
  • We guarantee the contract price
  • Before we finalize the construction phase costs, we ask you to make all of the product and material choices.
  • If you decide to change your product or material selection after the contract is signed, we only charge you or credit you the difference in the price, restocking or return costs.
  • If you change the scope of the project in other ways, we promise to price out the change similar to the one we used for the rest of your project.

If another remodeler does not provide you with a guaranteed fixed-price contract that clearly details the deliverables and what the project will cost, you have no assurance of what the project will actually end up costing.