We are committed to working with our clients throughout the remodeling process by providing a personalized, professional and educational experience.

Choosing The Right Company

The initial communication begins in our showroom, or on the phone where we carefully listen to our client’s remodeling dreams and desires.

kitchen and bath remodeling showroom exterior

Committing To Work Together

This is when the design / build process begins. A project may expand or shrink its layout to favor a more efficient plan. You’ll work with a collaborative and receptive designer to discuss your goals with.

residential remodeler designer project for client

Details, Details, Details

Detailed, written specifications are prepared to avoid generalities and allowances. Thus, eliminating any conflicts or miscommunications. Your budget is effectively optimized to provide not only an aesthetically pleasing space, but, also the best functioning.

After carefully reviewing and meeting your final approval of the floorplans, 3-D drawings, detailed specifications and the integration of the chosen materials / finishes, we begin the construction documents.

kitchen and bath remodeling tile drawing of a master bathroom

Keeping You Informed

With the floor plans and detailed specifications in hand, construction begins. Our construction documents include a written contract with an all-inclusive amount (Lincorp/Borchert Budget Warranty), online payment and construction schedule.

Once the construction starts, we offer a dedicated employee that manages the jobsite and provides clear communications and coordinates our professional trades people.

remodeler explaining proven process to showroom visitors

Our 1 Year Warranty

Our process doesn’t end when the construction ends. We will perform a final walk-through to document any concerns and take appropriate corrective actions. We provide a written warranty and check in with you 11 months later to ensure your satisfaction.

Now it’s time for you and your family to enjoy your beautiful, functional space that has been completed by Lincorp/Borchert.