One of our past clients came to us and asked if we could remodel her half bathroom and laundry room. We, of course, said yes and started working with her to design these rooms. Our designer created plans and specs for the construction of the project, just like she does for all of our other renovation projects.

One thing that the homeowner wanted as part of her half bath remodel was a unique accent wall. Our designer created a cool design for the wall and showed it to the homeowner. She loved it!


After the design was completed, we demolished existing rooms down to the drywall and started constructing according to the plans from our design process.

We gave the homeowner access to our online calendar so that she knew who to expect at her house every day and what they would be doing. Throughout the construction phase of the project we also kept detailed notes internally so that everyone within our company would know what was going on at the job on a daily basis.


After the construction was completed, we presented the homeowner with her freshly remodeled half bathroom and laundry room. She was very happy with how they turned out and commented multiple times about how much she loves the accent wall in her half bath. She said that our designer just “gets” her style.

We hope that you enjoy these after photos.

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