Addition Kitchen Remodel Dark Wood Floors Washington, MI

Whether you need a little extra space or a major expansion, Lincorp/Borchert will create a solution for your needs. Adding an addition onto your home can be the solution you need to expand the livability of your space. Weather you need to enlarge your kitchen or dining room, create a spacious master bedroom and bathroom suite, or just need more space for a family room, we can handle the project for you. We have added space to existing homes not only by expanding outwards, but also by expanding upward.

This first picture shows a kitchen addition we added to the house. The original kitchen was too small, cramped and just didn’t function well for the family. By adding about 9 feet onto the back of the home the kitchen at least doubled in size and they were able to get the large island they always wanted.

The next two pictures show a second story master suite that was added on to give the owners their own space away from the kids. The bedroom, closet, and master bath were all newly added square footage.

Addition Bedroom RenovationAddition Remodel Bathroom

Next is another kitchen addition that again was added on to the back of the house.

We created a dedicated page featuring this New Addition for a Kitchen along with the Construction Process.

Addition Remodel White Cabinets Modern

The last picture shows a beautiful library study that we added on to a home as part of an addition project.

Addition Remodel Study Room Bloomfield, MI

Our additions flow seamlessly from the existing home into the new space. Our clients are always amazed when they see how well we transition the original structure into the new addition.

Contact Lincorp/Borchert today so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your addition remodeling dreams come true.

“I chose Lincorp for our addition primarily because Of one simple reason – I wanted a company that would stick to the contract, in terms of the price, the work specified, and the timeframe. My main concerns were cost overruns and time overruns. First, I can attest to the fact that the basic job was not only completed on time but was actually completed a couple weeks early. Second, Lincorp did stick to the exact contract price, to the penny, and did not pass along to me any’ additional costs due to under-budgeted items.

I would also like to highlight three beneficial aspects of working with Lincorp. First, your creative design work made it possible for us to add sufficient space when we thought the square footage would be short, and other people we spoke to did not make that suggestion. Second, your subcontracted workers tended to be clean, respectful, and courteous to our family. Third, anytime we called you, you would do your best to make yourself available on short notice and to pay full to What we had to say, and not make us feel as if we were imposing on you – that comfort level was a big plus.

I’d have to venture to guess that just about every significant building project has its unexpected turns of events and unforeseen issues that arise. I think the measure of a builder is not whether these unavoidable contingencies occur, but instead whether the builder is professional and reasonable responding to them, whether the builder will take responsibility for the work of his subcontractors rather than “passing the buck “, and whether the builder will keep customer satisfaction as a top priority. In all of these areas, I can say that Ron Jedwab and Lincorp measure up well, and we’re glad we chose them.”

“We put an additional room upstairs on the second story of our home. It involved extending and enlarging an existing bedroom and adding on a new room with a higher ceiling. We are planning to use this as an exercise room. We found that Ron was extremely professional. He told us the planned schedule and he was right on time in following that daily schedule and the overall timeline for the project. He kept within budget and he promptly took care of anything that came up. He answered all our questions and concerns. We would highly recommend Ron and Lincorp.”
Robert M

“Lincorp install an addition over the majority of our home. The work was done on a timely basis and at the cost I expected. This is my second project with this firm.”
Jonathan & Liba P

“I loved working with Lincorp Construction! Their attention to detail was incredible – including the detail of what my budget was! They asked and then listened to my lifestyle and how my family runs and created a space that truly works for us!”
Aviva G

Aging In Place – Handicap Accessible

Universal design is good for everyone and makes planning ahead for the future an easy decision.

When considering an Aging-in-Place modification or renovation, a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist is your best guide. Lincorp/Borchert has the knowledge, strategies, and techniques to design and build aesthetically enriching, barrier-free environments in keeping with your desires for your project from start to finish.

Below is a picture of an accessible kitchen. This kitchen offers open floor space for easy turn radius of a wheel chair and open access below the sink, cooktop and other work zones. Base cabinets with lots of drawers allow for easy pull out storage and large handles are easy to grasp.Handicap Accessible Kitchen Remodel

Handicap Accessible Walk In Glass Shower Bathroom Remodel

The above bathroom shower was designed with aging in place in mind. The shower is zero entry with no curb to set up over. A built-in bench offers a place to sit and rest while taking a shower. There was also a handheld shower head on a slide bar included. This allows for a custom height placement or remove while sitting on the bench.

This second image is an example of a wet room style shower, completely open to the rest of the bath for someone in a wheel chair. Grab bars were also included as well as a fold down bench. Open space under the vanity offers roll in access for the wheel chair.
Handicap Accessible Bathroom Remodel Washington, MI

Next is another spa style accessible shower with dual, zero entry shower doors.

Handicap Accessible Spa Bathroom Remodel

Being certified and understanding your unique needs with the required home modifications and developing solutions to common barriers and obstructions, is what makes us different.

Contact Lincorp/Borchert today so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your aging-in-place remodeling project come true.

“I loved working with Lincorp Construction! Their attention to detail was incredible – including the detail of what my budget was! They asked and then listened to my lifestyle and how my family runs and created a space that truly works for us!”

“Lincorp was a phenomenal construction company to work with. From design to on-site job completion was wonderful. Very professional, very responsive, and quality work was performed. I highly recommend this company.”

“I am most satisfied with the final outcome. I am pleased with the appearance of the project.”
Ken & Kathy

“Where to begin: – All the tradesmen were very good at what they did. – Everyone’s willingness to listen to our concerns and opinions and insuring they were met. – Ease to contact Borchert’s or Jim Orlando and get answers very quickly. 6 months later we love the kitchen as much, if not more so, than the day it was completed. The layout has worked out exactly how we anticipated! The look and function are perfect for us. Thanks again!! :-)”
Jack & Chris

Basement Remodeling

At Lincorp/Borchert, we love taking an outdated or unfinished basement and making it new again. Not only does remodeling your basement add value to your home, it can also double your livable area. A finished basement adds beauty to your home and opens it up to the possibility of additional bedrooms, playrooms, a home theater, an exercise room, an extra kitchen area or a bar.

Basement Remodel Full Kitchen

This first picture above shows a new basement kitchen with bar seating. The painted brick wall shows behind open shelving which allows the homeowners to display bar ware and other items.

Next is a basement office with decorative dropped ceiling tiles and vinyl wood look flooring.

Basement Remodel Office Space Washington, MI

Next is a Basement Remodeling project featuring a new Kitchen in Washington Township.  The focus was on converting two bedrooms into this kitchen.

Washington Township Basement Kitchen Remodel

The open basement below allows lots of space for entertaining. The ceiling was painted black and support posts were covered in drywall. This basement also used a wood look vinyl floor.

Basement Remodel Wood Floors

Basement Remodel Bar Kitchen Area Bloomfield, MI

The last picture shows another basement bar. This one has an open island with seating between support posts. This ceiling was drywalled and carpet used on the floor.

Contact Lincorp/Borchert today so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your Basement Remodeling dreams come true.

“Dear Ron:
We are writing to say how thrilled we are with your recent total remodel of our master bath, dressing area, and basement kitchen. The new tile, plumbing and fixtures, cabinets, relined tub, and paint are beautiful and tremendously improve the appearance and functionality of our home. The quality of the materials and workmanship Surpassed our already high expectations. You completed the job on schedule and on budget. And you were incredibly easy and pleasant to work with. We would be happy to serve as a reference for your business, and to let prospective customers visit our home to see your workmanship for themselves. Thank you so much for all your help.”
Ken & Linda

“Dear Ron,
Thanks for a wonderful job in our new basement. We’ll be enjoying it for many years to come. You and your team were great!”
David & Rose K

“Borchert is a great company to work with. They help with the planning by drawing up a design and then meet with you a few times to perfect it to your liking. They get to know what you want and make more suggestions. For example, some particular corbels were chosen because they needed to be rather small for our project. The owner could tell by the look on my face that I was not totally happy, so he researched further. The next time I came in, he sat with me to pick out the right one to fit the space and make me happy.

We knew what to expect in writing. They kept to the agreed upon timeline. When problems arose, they solved them like a team. Everyone seemed to work well together. All the professionals (carpenter, electrician, plumber, painter, etc.) took pride in their work. We will definitely use them for future projects.”
Jennifer & Mike H

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the renovations you performed on our home. Your expertise in al/ areas of the process, reliability, and ability to stick to the timeline that you gave to us was truly unique and extremely professional. We were especially impressed with the various trades that worked at our home. They were al/ not only efficient and competent, but they were also very polite, respectful, and never left a mess after they left. In addition, Ron, you should be commended for always being available to answer our many e-mails and phone calls and following-up on any loose ends. Thanks for a job well done. ”

“We were satisfied with the way they handled themselves once they were in the house. And they took care of every little problem.”
Mary Ellen & Larry B