The Pets of Lincorp/Borchert

It’s always a treat when one of our renovation clients has a pet that we can get to know throughout the project. While our passion here is home remodeling projects, a close second would have to be meeting our new furry friends. Below are some photos of our client’s pets that we’ve gotten to know this year throughout their kitchen, bathroom, and basement projects.

The little cutie on the left lives at our client’s Shelby Township house where we remodeled their master bathroom. The smiling Labrador on the right hung around the Washington Township house while we were remodeling their kitchen. We didn’t mind at all!

The cat above belongs to the owner of Lincorp/Borchert. It’s name is Mr. Winks. It was around while we were remodeling their West Bloomfield condo earlier this year. The handsome fellow on the right lives with a repeat client of ours in Shelby Township. They remodeled one of their bathrooms with us this year.

The three dogs above also live in Shelby township where we remodeled their owner’s kitchen. The Golden Retriever is named Romeo and the two Dachshunds are Marlowe and Murray. They loved to say hi every time any of us came to the house. So friendly!

We’d love the chance to meet your four legged family member too! If you have a remodeling project in mind, we’d love to discuss it with you. Maybe your furry friend will end up being featured on our next Pets of Lincorp Borchert post. I’d say that the chances are pretty good!