Beautiful Bathroom Remodel in Washington Township

bathroom remodel in washington township

We recently had the fortune of working with some wonderful clients to do a bathroom remodel in Washington Township. They had a master bathroom that was in desperate need of a remodel. The vast majority of the bathroom had already been demoed when we first spoke with them. They sat down with us to discuss their project and how we could help them with it. It was at this point that they chose to move forward with us and start our design process.

With the help of our on-staff designer, our clients came to decisions on the layout of the bathroom as well as the materials that would be used.

The next step was the construction of their bathroom using the plans that we made during our design phase. As with all of our projects, we took photos of the bathroom before, during, and after the remodel. Below is a video that shows those before, during, and after photos of this bathroom remodel.

We hope that you enjoy this before, during, and after photo video of our bathroom remodel in Washington Township. Please feel free to reach out to discuss your home remodeling project.

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Washington Township Master Bathroom Remodel – Completed May 2019


The Washington Township homeowner came to us in need of an update in her master bathroom. It was functional, but was starting to fall apart and had a dated style.

We met with her to discuss her project and what could be done within the space to bring some life to it.


We went to the house and did a full measure of the master bathroom. We then met with the homeowner for some design meetings where we came up with a game plan how the bathroom would be put together. Throughout the design meetings we created specifications and plans for the construction of the bathroom.


For this project, we kept the existing flooring and vanity as it was. Our main focus was on the bathtub and shower areas. We demolished those areas, but left the frame for the tub deck so we could re-tile it.

We framed for a niche in the shower, roughed in the plumbing, vented the fan, and patched the drywall where needed.

Next, it was time to install the new tile! We had worked with the homeowner during our design phase to come up with a large format tile for the tub and shower. We then installed a smaller tiles on the floor of the shower.

After tile was finished, we installed the new bathtub, finalized the plumbing, and painted the bathroom. We then sent in a cleaning crew to make sure that the bathroom spotless. Everything turned out perfect! The bathroom now has a clean, modern look and functions as it should. The homeonwer is thrilled with her new bathroom!

If you have a project of your own in mind, we’d be happy to discuss it with you!