Sink or Swim – Part 1

Remodeling can sometimes be a stressful event. This is especially true if you’re not well prepared. All the choices to be made can leave you feeling overwhelmed. That’s why it’s a good idea to educate yourself about your various options before actually getting into a project. For the purpose of this post, we’re going to cover kitchen sinks. Specifically, choosing a material for your kitchen sink. When you’re looking at your options, it’s not only about the look of the sink. It’s also about the cost and durability of the material. You don’t want to have a sink that looks good in the beginning but then gets scuffed up easily. Or one that fades in color when you had no idea it would do so. This overview of these kitchen sink materials will help give you an idea of the cost, look, and durability of the sink you’re looking at.

Stainless Steel

$200+ Depending on size, style, and gauge.

First of all, let’s take a look at stainless steel sinks. These are probably the cheapest option in this group, as well as the most popular. They are perfect for those who are on a tight budget. Stainless steel is a durable material that doesn’t doesn’t easily stain, scratch, or chip. The durability partially depends on the gauge of steel that you get, though. The higher the gauge number, the more durable your sink will be.

One of the cons of this type of sink is the noise. Stainless steel can be loud when using it because of the material. To reduce this, you can use a higher gauge steel, noise absorbing spray, or find a sink with a sound absorbing pad underneath it. The sound absorbing pad is considered the most effective method.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink #1b

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink #2b

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink #3b

Cast Iron


Cast iron sinks are very heavy. Be sure that your cabinets are strong enough to hold the weight of your sink before buying one. The last thing that you want is to get a sink that is not able to be supported by your cabinets. This material is durable, but also prone to chips. Some recommend putting a sink protector on the bottom of the sink to help avoid chipping and staining. Also, when choosing a color, white is recommended. Although it comes in colors different from white, those colors are more prone to fading. In addition to all this, cast Iron also retains heat very well. It’s something to consider when picking out your sink.

Cast Iron Sink #1

Cast Iron Sink #2

Cast Iron Sink #3



If you already have or plan on getting a Quartz countertop, you might want to consider getting a quartz sink as well. Like copper sinks, it is recommend to rinse these sinks clean after every use to get rid of built up dirt and to then wipe them down afterward to avoid water spots. Even though they need to be cleaned often, they are very durable and have a beautiful look to them.

Quartz kitchen sink #1

Quartz kitchen sink #2

Quartz kitchen sink #3



Although they can be pricey, Fireclay sinks are definitely worth considering. They are very durable; resistant to scratching, chipping, and staining. They are also easy to clean; all that’s needed is some dish soap on a paper towel in most cases. However, these sinks, like all others, are not without their cons. They are costly, come in limited sizes and colors, and can be unforgiving to dishes.

Fireclay kitchen sink #1

Fireclay kitchen sink #2

Fireclay kitchen sink #3



There’s no doubt that copper sinks are unique. You won’t find one of these in any old home. Their beauty is just one of the things they have going for them. They also have antibacterial properties that most sinks don’t have. In a tradition sink, bacteria can survive for weeks, but in a copper one, they tend to die off after only a few hours. This makes them great for people who like to soak foods in the sink. There’s less of a chance of harmful bacteria getting on their food. Plus, copper sinks do not rust.

It’s not all positives for these sinks, though. There are some drawbacks. Copper tends to stain pretty easily and can darken over time. This is especially true if a lot of acidic liquids or harsh chemicals are put in the sink. These sinks are also time consuming to properly clean. It is recommended to dry out your sink with a towel after every use to avoid water spots. In addition, copper can warp or dent if a low gauge of the metal is used. We would not recommend these sinks to everyone, but there are some that find copper to be the perfect material for them.

Copper Kitchen Sink #1

Copper Kitchen Sink #2

Copper Kitchen Sink #3

We hope you’ve enjoyed part 1 of our series on kitchen sink materials. With so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Hopefully this post gave you some ideas for your kitchen. Check back soon for Part 2!

How To Begin Your Remodel

Are you tired of being frustrated with a space in your home that looks outdated, doesn’t function well, and just not convenient for your needs? Considering a remodeling experience is a large decision and one that should be deliberated and reflected upon before jumping in with both feet.

Below are a few guide lines to help you start looking and thinking about the right things to make your remodeling experience the best that it can be.

  • Do your research
    Depending on how much work you are looking to do for your remodeling project, the trades involved, the design process, and your budget considering a professional is huge step that must not be taken lightly.
    Know that you can hire a multitude of professionals ranging from a design build firm that will help you through the whole process to contractors that only specialize in specific areas of work. Make sure you are researching the most appropriate professionals to meet your remodeling needs.
    How do you know a professional is the right one for you? Consider their areas of work, what they are offering to you and ask yourself if this professional is meeting your needs. Always ask for references from past clients and call the references. Make sure you are asking questions such as: Did they stay within budget? Were you happy with the end result? If there were problems, how did they resolve them? How was the communication? Did they meet your expectations?
  • Consider your space
    Many individuals begin the remodeling process as they are struggling with the current amount of space they have. Often times home owners feel as though their space is cramped, that seating is limited, or that there’s too little counter space. The greatest help with these remodeling projects is to introduce the option of ‘stealing’ space from a nearby cabinet or closet. Other options include your cabinet choices. Stay away from cluttering your space with cabinets. Instead, choose a cabinet style that can line the walls or mid-high cabinets that won’t take away from the floor space.
  • Designing with a blend
    While its often a security blanket to keep the current style of your home we encourage home owners to blend some unique elements into their home while remaining within the homes style. This will allow for home owners to enjoy a new and envious styling for their remodeling project while still remaining within their home style.
  • Is it practical?
    Choosing appliances, counter tops, and other accessories in your home can be a challenging and overwhelming part of remodeling; however, it is important to remember that practicality should be a large part of choosing these items. For example, if you are struggling with the amount of space available in your room an appliance that has a variety of functions that could eliminate the need for other appliances may be more desirable than appliances that are designed with one specific function.

We hope that these guide lines have been a help to you in your remodeling considerations. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help make your remodeling experience the best that it can be!

The Pros of Black Stainless Steel

Black stainless steel appliances are gaining popularity in kitchens across the country. In fact, they accounted for 25-30% of kitchen packages in 2018. Homeowners like them because they offer a sharp and clean look that compliments most cabinet styles.

Traditional stainless steel appliances definitely have their place in modern kitchens, but if you’re looking for something a little different while still maintaining the integrity of your kitchen, black stainless steel might be exactly what you’re looking for. These appliances are a creative way to make your kitchen feel unique and give it that pop that other kitchens might not have.

Not only does black stainless steel offer a unique way to spice up your kitchen, it is also less prone to smudges and fingerprints than regular stainless steel. It’s also easy to clean. A soft cloth and some warm water are all that’s needed.

If you’re interested in upgrading your appliances and are looking to add a modern twist to your kitchen, black stainless steel is worth considering.

If you’re looking to upgrade your whole kitchen, including cabinets, countertops, floors, sinks, and appliances, we’re here to help.

Have a great day!

Balance Form and Function in Your Bathroom

This was a great article written for us by our frineds at Houzz.. definitely worth sharing again.

From the Owner of Lincorp Borchert, Ron Jedwab: “It’s important for us to understand not just what clients want for the space, but what their actual needs are. Needs and wants are not always the same thing.”

If you’ve ever lived through a renovation, you know that home improvement projects can be challenging. That’s why Ron Jedwab and his team at Borchert Kitchen & Bath in Washington, which serves Oakland and Macomb counties, aim to make the process as collaborative and thorough as possible.

“Our approach is that it shouldn’t just be nice to look at, but functional too,” Jedwab says. “We always work to select the right products that will achieve the client’s vision and also their budget, so we educate about the differences in products. We give clients the knowledge so that they can feel empowered to make those decisions for themselves.”

Master bathroom with white cabinets, wood looking tile, a cream countertop, and a white freestanding tub.

Wants vs. needs. Jedwab and his team assess their clients’ wish lists and must-haves along with their goals and budget. “We do this by asking a lot of questions,” he says. “How do you function in the space? Are you updating with the intent to stay in the home, or to freshen up the space before putting it on the market? Are you left- or right-handed? These are just a few of the questions we ask to establish the right scope.”

Expect the unexpected. Remodeling can be more challenging than new construction, because you don’t know what you’ll find when you start opening walls up, Jedwab says. “Building codes were different 20 years ago, and we often discover some questionable installations behind the scenes. It’s a good idea to be prepared for some surprises that might mean adjustments to budgets and timelines.”

Considering a bath remodel?
 Jedwab offers some tips below for balancing form and function.

1. Simplify Your Solution

Despite what you might think, you might not need a total remodel, Jedwab says. “These Shelby Township clients gave us a common request: get rid of the big deck and tub and install a larger shower,” he says. Instead of a complete overhaul of the space, the solution was relatively simple.

“The original plumbing remained the same with the exception of removing the jetted tub, allowing us to expand the shower by almost 2 feet and install a bench,” Jedwab says. “Since the couple plan to stay in their home for as long as possible, the curbless shower created a barrier-free bathroom should they have mobility issues in the future.”

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2. Rethink That Tub

Bathtubs aren’t just a big-ticket item — they’re big. Eliminating an existing tub will open up additional square footage that can be reassessed within a design, Jedwab says. “This couple loved their 1980s home in Rochester Hills, but the single-sink vanity and tiny shower made it a cramped space for two people,” he says.

“Removing the tub opened up a whole wall, allowing us to move the vanity and expand it to hold two sinks. With the vanity on the other side of the room, the shower doubled in size, and a curved bench was added both for convenience and as a feature element.”

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3. Consider a Stand-Alone Option

A free-standing tub offers a clean look and a more open feeling, adding to the spa-like environment many people want in their home, Jedwab says. In this Shelby Township home, “the large ’90s-style tub was not only dated, but also difficult to clean and access,” he says. “We pulled the entire deck out of the alcove and replaced it with a free-standing cast iron tub that became the focal point of the room.”

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Lincorp Borchert’s April Event – Quartz Rocks! – Quartz 101

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We will be holding presentations at 4 pm and 5 pm!

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