Considering a Bathroom Remodel?

When considering a bathroom remodel, there are many things to think about. Should we change up the layout of the room? What if we knocked down that wall to open the room up? What type of countertop would work best for us? Should we change to a single sink vanity instead of a double sink vanity to maximize space? What if we removed the bathtub? The questions that must be answered can feel daunting and endless at times.

While some of our clients know what they want from the moment they walk in the door, more often than not, our clients are looking for advice on how to make their bathrooms function better for their needs. This is one of the areas where we shine. We’ve been in the remodeled industry for many years and renovated hundreds of bathrooms over the course of those years. In doing so, we’ve learned a lot about how to make a bathroom not only look nice, but also function properly for each client’s personal needs. Maybe they’re in need of an ADA handicap accessible bathroom, maybe they’re in desperate need of a larger bathroom for their growing family, or maybe they just want to update the materials in their bathroom to bring it into the the 2020s. There are many reasons why someone may want to update their bathroom. Regardless of the reasoning behind our client’s remodeling needs, we’re able to help them accomplish their goals and give them creative advice that they may not have even thought about.

We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your remodeling project and to give you advice on the best course of action to bring your dream project to life!

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Shelby Township Double Bathroom Remodel – Part 1

Part 1: His Bathroom


The homeowners came to us because they were looking to update two bathrooms in their home at the same time. One for their son and one for their daughter. They wanted a complete remodel of each bathroom. As part of the remodel, they also wanted to vent the bathrooms to reduce the risk of mold forming from excess moisture.

We went through our standard design phase where we came up with a game plan for the construction of the bathrooms. This included planning the layouts, making material selections, picking colors, and making detailed drawings and specifications.


We demoed the whole bathroom and framed for the half wall of the shower and the niche. We then got all the new plumbing hooked up and the electrical roughed in. The bathroom was also vented at this point in the project.

The shower area then got waterproofed and prepped for tile installation.

We installed a new vanity and quartz countertop to replace the ones that we had torn out. New wood-looking tile flooring was also installed, which looks so much better than the old school small, square tiles that the bathroom previously had.


After we completed the construction of the bathroom and passed all city inspections, we presented the homeowners with their son’s new bathroom. They’re very happy with how everything turned out! Their son’s bathroom now has a clean, modern look to it.

Part 2 of this double bathroom remodel is coming soon!

Shelby Township Half Bath & Laundry Room Remodel


One of our past clients came to us and asked if we could remodel her half bathroom and laundry room. We, of course, said yes and started working with her to design these rooms. Our designer created plans and specs for the construction of the project, just like she does for all of our other renovation projects.

One thing that the homeowner wanted as part of her half bath remodel was a unique accent wall. Our designer created a cool design for the wall and showed it to the homeowner. She loved it!


After the design was completed, we demolished existing rooms down to the drywall and started constructing according to the plans from our design process.

We gave the homeowner access to our online calendar so that she knew who to expect at her house every day and what they would be doing. Throughout the construction phase of the project we also kept detailed notes internally so that everyone within our company would know what was going on at the job on a daily basis.


After the construction was completed, we presented the homeowner with her freshly remodeled half bathroom and laundry room. She was very happy with how they turned out and commented multiple times about how much she loves the accent wall in her half bath. She said that our designer just “gets” her style.

We hope that you enjoy these after photos.

Visit our Houzz page to see more of our past projects as well as reviews from our past clients. If you have a project of your own that you’re interested in, please let us know about it. We would be happy to discuss it with you!

Washington Township Master Bathroom Remodel – Completed March 2019


It was clear from the beginning that this Washington Township master bathroom was in need of some work. Wet met with the homeowners who were eager to have us update their dated bathroom.


Our designer met with the homeowners to nail down the design details of the bathroom. She showed them samples and ideas for a functional and modern design for their bathroom. By the end of the design meetings, we had plans and specifications for the construction phase of the project.


We demolished everything in the bathroom down to the studs in some areas. We then framed the area for the new materials that would be installed. Our plumbers, electricians, and HVAC crews came in to rough in their respective areas.

We drywalled, mudded, and sanded the areas of the walls and ceiling where we had removed it.

We installed the cabinets, which really started to make the bathroom feel like it was coming together.

After the cabinets were installed, we put the countertop on the vanity, cement board on the floor, and waterproofed the shower to get it ready for tile.

We then tiled the shower and the bathroom floor. At this point the bathroom was close to being finished.

We installed the toilet, mirror, tub, and shower door. We then painted and did any minor touch ups that needed to be done. After all that, we presented the homeowners with their new bathroom! As you an see, there is a night and day difference between what the bathroom was and what it is now. The homeowners are thrilled with both the look and functionality of their new bathroom!

If you have a bathroom project of your own in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas. We would be happy to help!

Washington Township Master Bathroom Remodel – Completed May 2019


The Washington Township homeowner came to us in need of an update in her master bathroom. It was functional, but was starting to fall apart and had a dated style.

We met with her to discuss her project and what could be done within the space to bring some life to it.


We went to the house and did a full measure of the master bathroom. We then met with the homeowner for some design meetings where we came up with a game plan how the bathroom would be put together. Throughout the design meetings we created specifications and plans for the construction of the bathroom.


For this project, we kept the existing flooring and vanity as it was. Our main focus was on the bathtub and shower areas. We demolished those areas, but left the frame for the tub deck so we could re-tile it.

We framed for a niche in the shower, roughed in the plumbing, vented the fan, and patched the drywall where needed.

Next, it was time to install the new tile! We had worked with the homeowner during our design phase to come up with a large format tile for the tub and shower. We then installed a smaller tiles on the floor of the shower.

After tile was finished, we installed the new bathtub, finalized the plumbing, and painted the bathroom. We then sent in a cleaning crew to make sure that the bathroom spotless. Everything turned out perfect! The bathroom now has a clean, modern look and functions as it should. The homeonwer is thrilled with her new bathroom!

If you have a project of your own in mind, we’d be happy to discuss it with you!